Ngayogjazz 2018 – A Feast for the Senses

As the Pranata Acara made their closing speeches, the mood around the Panggung Jagabaya stage was joyful. Ngayogjazz’ evening performances have ranged from the velvety saxophone from Kika Sprangers to the joyous newcomers Magnitudo and everything in between, an excellent mix of local, national and international talent. The final act from Idang Rasjidi and His Next Generation was the perfect ending to the day, the playful piano and scatting from Idang, along with the rich tones of Margie Segers had many in the crowd swaying and moving.

But it was not just music this year at Ngayogjazz that made the village festival so special. This year there were a number of art installations allowing wanderers a moment of calm from the crowds. Annisa Cinderakasi’s creation of small scenes placed inside bamboo tubes allowed curious passers-by to explore the area’s history through the intricate images within, whilst Prihatmoko Moki’s murals depicting characters from the Mataram era brought the crumbling walls of an abandoned house to life. The whole village was a feast for the senses, with sounds, sites and tastes from the culinary sites all equally delicious.

Long before civilisation reached the area of Gilangharjo, a large meteor struck the land, making the landscape slightly magnetic, and this is a good way to use to describe today. There is something that draws you to the area and to the community around here, and it is this, combined with the music, the crowd, and the sunshine, it has made Ngayogjazz 2018 such an alluring and magical day.