Ngayogjazz, a “Calibration of Local Wisdom”

As in Ngayogjazz tradition, the festival officially opened with a jubilant parade beginning one side of the village on one side and snaking its way through to the other. Celebrating the customs and communities of Karang Tanjung, the parade featured Bregada Kyai Rancang dressed in Yogyakarta’s traditional dress, with blangkon hat and the stripy surjan jacket, as well as Krincing Manis dance studio who performed the Jathilan (Javanese traditional dance) for the crowd.  

Once the fanfare had arrived at Panggung Bragas and the dance had finished, hosts, Lusy Laksita, Hendro Plered, Bambang Gundul and Gepenk KK welcomed the small but animated crowd of Karang Tanjung residents and musicians, as well as all the Ngayogjazz attendees watching at home. Bapak Singgih Raharjo, Yogyakarta’s Head of Tourism and Creative Economy was welcomed to the stage, where he expressed his pride at the resilience and optimism of Ngayogjazz and everyone involved for keeping the festival spirit alive despite the pandemic, as well as thanking the different partners this year, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, Yogyakarta’s Department of Tourism and Creative Economy and Sleman’s regional administration. 

Pak Singgih Raharjo was followed by Sleman’s Bupati (Regent) Ibu Kustini Sri Purnomo who told the crowd that Ngayogjazz was “a calibration of all the local wisdom of Sleman” and shared the positive news that the regency was now at 90 percent vaccine for the first shot and 80 percent for the second, meaning that Sleman was almost ready to welcome guests from outside and hosting more events in the coming year.

Indonesia’s Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Uno, also made an appearance via streaming to congratulate the festival. He spoke about the Ngayogjazz’s history supporting Indonesia’s musical ecosystem and its contribution to the country’s creative industry. He was followed by Reza Pahelvi, Director of Regional Events who kept it very brief in telling everyone to enjoy and remember to follow health protocol.

And with the hosts closing words, the music began. Panggung Bragas was filled with the swooping sounds of Noto Dan Swingayogya Bigband who had all the ibu, bapak and children watching, nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the rhythm.